Why choose us

Your Employees Are Valuable

  • Full and part time employees can spend 20-40 hours a week in their work environment and at least one meal and snack or two is consumed.
  • From fresh fruits to organic snacks employees are requesting that there be a healthier selection of products available in their workspace.
  • Access to healthy food and beverages plays a huge role in lowering insurance premiums and employee call offs.
  • We provide a wide range of healthy vending machines and products to small businesses, large offices and corporations, co-working spaces, retailers reselling products to end users.

Your Comminity Is Valuable

  • There are more than 3 million obese children in the US.
  • It is important for growing families and children to have access to fresh and healthy products in organizations where families gather for long periods of time.
  • Access to healthy vending machines and products within any community is a key factor in reducing childhood diseases and other conditions that are linked to limited intake of nutritious foods.
  • We can provide a wide range of healthy vending machines and products to your school, community centers, gyms, colleges, after-school programs, and camps.

Your Customers Are Valuable

  • Your customers and clients hold the power because they are who demands the products and services.
  • Giving your end users access to, their demand of, healthy products will increase revenue and give your business access to the growing healthy food industry.
  • Purchasing from a locally owned business has the benefit of keeping all of your products fresh, and delivery times prompt and professional.
  • If you are a convenience store, hosting an event, or have a sporting event approaching We can provide a wide range of fresh products to you to resell or use.